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Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth

Using Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth

The Chinese believe very strongly that all of your body is connected. They feel that you can solve almost any problem by knowing where the root of the problem is. In order to do that, they take a wide approach, using herbs that are known to help all of the body in order to help the hair grow back. There is one herb in particular that has been discovered to help with hair growth.

Gotu Kola is a Chinese herb for hair growth that has been discovered to be a huge help in getting the hair to grow back faster. Gotu Kola has been used for a number of things, and is given to people in China to help with not only hair growth, but also health issues. Gotu Kola is often given to people who need to improve their circulation, as well as to people who want to make their memory better. It can help to lower high blood pressure, can bring down stress, can treat damaged liver and kidneys, and can help a wound to heal much faster.

When it comes to increasing hair growth, Gotu Kola can help with that as well. Many believe that Gotu Kola helps for hair loss situations because it increases the blood flow, helping the hair follicles to create new hair at a much faster rate. There are no known side effects to Gotu Kola, but it has been discovered that nausea can occur when extremely high levels of the herb are taken. Many of the hair loss formulas that are available on the market today utilize Gotu Kola in order to help the hair grow back after the other herbs have stopped the dihydrotestosterone, or the DHT, from blocking the hair follicles. For more about DHT, Gotu Kola, or other Chinese herbs for hair growth, please visit

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