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Gaining Back Hair with Hair Growth Herbs

If you look at some of the top designer hair products on the market, you will notice that there are a lot of herbs in every one. This is because the makers of hair care products have discovered that natural herbs are much better for hair than synthetic materials are. But what do you do if you are losing your hair? Men who are losing their hair at a young age feel a loss of self-esteem and believe that there is nothing they can do to gain back the hair they have lost. Fortunately hair growth herbs, when coupled with other natural vitamins, can help the hair to grow back to its former glory.

Growing Back Hair

Before hair growth herbs can work to help the hair to grow back, the culprit of the premature baldness has to be discovered. For the majority of men, androgenic alopecia is to blame. Androgenic alopecia occurs when testosterone changes into dihydrotestosterone, more commonly known as DHT. The DHT settles into the scalp and stops the hair follicles from creating hair, which, in turn, causes the hair loss. Everyone"s hair goes through three phases: growth, rest, and loss. With androgenic alopecia, the hair is not able to grow, so when loss occurs, there is no hair to cover the loss.

Fighting Androgenic Alopecia

There is a way to fight androgenic alopecia, and hair growth herbs are part of the solution. When you couple hair growth herbs with other important vitamins, you can stop the DHT from causing problems in the scalp, giving the hair follicles a chance to create new hair. This process is like a one-two punch to the scalp, knocking out the opponent and giving your hair some help in growing more quickly.

This type of situation works best for younger men, simply because hair grows more slowly when you are older. Younger men who take a supplement that has hair growth herbs and natural vitamins in it at the first sign of premature hair loss have a much better chance of being able to wean off of the medication and still keep their hair. Hair growth herbs are making a huge impact; not just in the hair care industry, but also for those who have lost their hair due to androgenic alopecia.

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